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Consider two oyster per person as a tasting, three-five as an hors d'oeuvres and six as a small plate.

Full Oyster Bar Service  (200 + oysters)

Oyster Girl in Chef Attire
We share our knowledge on the art and history of eating oysters
- all while  shucking & entertaining . At the bar guest can enjoy oysters on the half shell served raw over beds of ice. We bring our famous mignonette sauces,  hot sauces, lemons and oyster forks and white-linen like cocktail napkins. We can also provide tables and linens. ~ Add cooked oysters which are presented on platters of rock salt.

Party Kit - Shuck & Leave service  (100 - 200 oysters)

Oyster Girl in Classy Black Attire
We arrive just before your guests to set up the designer self-draining, no mess, oyster display trays on your table or counter. The hired oyster shucker will open all the oyster and be available to answer questions and introduce guests to the art of eating oysters. Then we will leave you to it to enjoy the oysters and party on with out us. The oysters are displayed over ice and at the bar our famous mignonette sauces, hot sauces, lemons and oyster forks and white-linen like cocktail napkins will be available.
Please note you can choose less oysters but the price stays the same.

Oysters as Passed Appetizers - An Unexpected Presentation!

oysters as passed appetizers - by The Oyster Girls
Food & entertainment become one with our roving shuckers who hostess, mingle and entertain all while shucking oysters. Each oyster girl or guy
wears a designer utility  belt customized to hold 50-100 oysters in stainless steel buckets along with all the accoutrements. We restock our buckets until all the oysters are enjoyed. If you want a high volume of oysters served we suggest you add this option to our Full Oyster Bar Service.


We can work di
rectly with you or with your event planner on the details. Oyster bars add the perfect touch to the reception hour.

Classy Attire

We can dress in professional chef attire, classy/foxy black or to theme. Please advise at time of booking.