Full Oyster Bar Service by The Oyster Girls

The perfect choice for weddings, corporate and winery events and other gathering or celebrations. This option is for orders of 240 plus oysters. We shuck the oysters as people are enjoying them. We provide everything for our station.

DETAILS: One or more staff, table and linen included.
BBQ oyster service available and You can also add caviar and shrimp to the station or hire an Oyster or Caviar Rover to mingle through the crowd.


Party Kit Service - The Oyster Girls

The perfect choice for smaller intimate house parties or business meeting and office parties. This is our shuck and leave service. This option if for 120, 180 or 240 oysters. We arrive 30 minutes before your guests to set up the station and begin shucking all the oysters. Once all the oysters are shucked we leave you to enjoy.

DETAILS: One staff, client provides the table, total service time 1.5 hours. 


Roving Oyster Shucker - The Oyster Girls

The #1 most dynamic Service. Our Roving Oyster Shuckers and Caviar Servers are geared up and ready to serve these delights as they mingle through the crowd.

DETAILS: 120 oyster or 500 grams of Premium Caviar per Rover. Total service time 2 hours.