Oyster Party Trays

Offering top quality bivalves since 2007 for pick-up in Petaluma or choose our SHUCK & LEAVE PARTY KIT TRAYS for smaller gatherings or the RAW BAR TRAYS for larger gatherings. Also, the best options with Covid in mind.

"Shuck and Leave" Party Kit Trays

Our Party Kit Trays coined our Shuck & Leave Service is best for 60-240 oysters. You have the option to shuck your own or our skilled shucker can open them for you on site to preserve freshness. Once your oyster shucker opens all the oysters they will leave you to enjoy them at your own pace. This set up includes our custom display trays that are specially designed so the oysters sit on a bed of ice but never a pool of water. The trays are yours to keep or recycle. Estimated time on site: 2 hrs. PLEASE PROVIDE 4 FEET OF SPACE on a table.

Raw Bar Trays

Your hired oyster shucker(s) will open all the oysters and place them in our custom display trays designed with style to keep oysters ice cold. Guests can then help themselves to enjoy the oysters of their choice. Once the last oyster is shucked and slurped we will clean up and leave. **NOTE: Maximum time on site is 4 hours and please provide full shade and adequate light for your oyster shucker.

We have tables that fit our trays or you can provide your own. We have sandalwood, black, cobalt blue

Options to add Shrimp, Poke & Caviar. Or book us for BBQ Oyster Service.

We dress in classy black, chef coats or to theme.

oyster girls & guys

We offer a variety of trays: a skiff boat to silver trays or rustic wood.