Three Unique Bay Area Services for your Wine Event, Wedding or Casual Party - We dress to theme and tailor our service to your event.


Linen & Table Options

sandalwood, black, cobalt blue

BBQ Oysters, Shrimp, Poke & Caviar

and more

Choose Staff Attire

oyster girls & guys

Tailored Display Options

we provide everything

Party Kit Service

No Mess Versatile Display

Sauce, Napkin & Oyster Fork

Shrimp Upgrade

Caviar, Poke & Wakame Salad

Roving Service

Dress to Theme


Outside & Inside Events

day or evening events

Mingle Through the Crowd

served as a passed appetizer

Caviar & Oysters

with all the accoutrements

Media Kit for Pricing and Service Descriptions


- Oysters -

We consider two oyster per person as a tasting, three-five as an hors d'oeuvres & six as a small plate.

- Shrimp -

We procure sustainably farmed or wild shrimp. Traditionally, we sell shrimp in increments of two pound with fifteen to seventeen shrimp per pound. They are seasoned and boiled to be served with cocktail sauce over a bed of ice.

- Caviar -

1-2 Ounce Tins

The 1 or 2oz. tins is most suitable for 1-2 people as there are approximately 5-12 plentiful spoon-fulls of caviar per tin. Tins are often grouped together to allow recipients to sample various types of caviar.

8 Ounce Tin

Our 8oz. tin is often used as the main appetizer at a dinner party or simply shared among a handful of people that truly enjoy caviar. Each tin contains 30-40 spoon-fulls.

1/2 Kilogram Tin

Weighing in at just over 1 pound, the 1/2kg. tin is often used by caterers, for gourmet parties, or for a group of people that know how to have a proper good time. Our half kilogram tin provides the ultimate caviar experience with each tin containing between 100-110 spoon-fulls.